Hello world!

14 12 2010

Hello and welcome to Security Learnings. I am Adi and this is the place where I am going to post my learnings in network security. For some reason, I am going to keep the title of this post as it was given by WordPress : “Hello world!”

As a programmer, the first program that you see in any language is Hello World. And I have done that quite often. I have started learning C,C++,Python,Ruby,Perl… and what not, but the problem is, I never became master of any of them. And now, time has come to become a Master. That is why I am creating this blog, I have done this stuff many many  times before but every time I start doing something new, I have to go places just to revise the stuff I already know. So this time, this blog will act as a central place to store my learnings and at the same time if these things are of any use to anyone, I will be more than happy.

I hope to create step by step guides to tools, post links to interesting articles/blogs, provide tips and tricks as well as videos, if I am that good 🙂 Lets see how far this goes.

Keep Hacking 🙂