6 01 2012



Definitive list of learning resources

4 06 2011
I’ve prepared a small list of resources helpful for learning h4cking. I will keep updating this list as and when I find good stuff.
Feel free to add more.

CEH v7 Review

25 04 2011

I am getting started in this infosec world. So I did some research on the internet as to “How to get started in this field? How important is certification?” The answers I got weren’t much encouraging but still one thing was clear, if you are new and want to get into this field, you have got to be certified. Learning this, I started looking for certifications, options were clear, I chose CEH v7 because of its market recognition.

Now lets get started with the review…

CEH is by far the best course for starters, it adds a star to your resume, gets your feet wet very quickly and the content too is suitable for starters only. 🙂

The syllabus comprises of 19 modules, starting with Intro to Ethical Hacking to Pentesting. Ideally training should be given for 5 days,  my trainer chose to speed it up even more. He did it in 4 days only!

The course material is 2 books and 5 dvds. Those 2 books are nothing but the instructor slides with some lab material! Seriously, whats the use of a book which has slides printed in it? They could make it awesome by detailing the techniques and some live scenarios to use those techniques, but they wasted it. DVDs: 4 dvds full of windows tools (mostly) and 1 Backtrack R2 DVD. 😀

Instructor quality: I did my training from a local APT which was renowned in my city. The instructor I got was OKish.  In this fast paced training, quality of trainer matters a lot. So you have to get some info about trainers at your location.

The syllabus for the course is well designed.  But there should be more emphasis on hands on training rather than theory. Things may be different at different locations because it all depends on what your instructors prefers. My instructor preferred to read the slides aloud as if we couldn’t even do that. Also some modules shouldn’t have been included in it. Modules like Buffer overflow can’t be taught in 1 hr!

All in all, CEH v7 is a good certification for starters. If you are getting sponsored, don’t worry, do it. Add a certification to your resume for free!

If you are going to pay for it, learn basic things first then sign up for it. It is fast, but gives a good head start into the industry.

Hello world!

14 12 2010

Hello and welcome to Security Learnings. I am Adi and this is the place where I am going to post my learnings in network security. For some reason, I am going to keep the title of this post as it was given by WordPress : “Hello world!”

As a programmer, the first program that you see in any language is Hello World. And I have done that quite often. I have started learning C,C++,Python,Ruby,Perl… and what not, but the problem is, I never became master of any of them. And now, time has come to become a Master. That is why I am creating this blog, I have done this stuff many many  times before but every time I start doing something new, I have to go places just to revise the stuff I already know. So this time, this blog will act as a central place to store my learnings and at the same time if these things are of any use to anyone, I will be more than happy.

I hope to create step by step guides to tools, post links to interesting articles/blogs, provide tips and tricks as well as videos, if I am that good 🙂 Lets see how far this goes.

Keep Hacking 🙂