Getting Started!

27 02 2011

Getting Started!

I know it took me a lot of time to even getting started. But I wanted to come up with some kind of useful stuff for the blog. In the meantime I published 1 post which is now deleted because it didn’t seem to fit in the flow.

In this post I am going to create a road map for getting started into the dirty InfoSec business. (It’s not dirty actually ;)). When I was just a little kid in InfoSec (I still am a kidJ), I used to read each and everything related to InfoSec that came to me, and then start following that for some days eventually with fading interest. Then I decided to make a blueprint so that I can always track where I currently stand on my journey to becoming Ninja. In this process I have created some rules or “note-to-self” type advices which come in very useful. I would like to share them here so that if someday by chance any n00b comes to this blog, will not get boggled down by the vastness of this field.


First thing: do not try to do everything.

What usually happens is, you are interested in InfoSec. So you start following interesting people on Twitter, their blogs etc. Then you come across some neat trick someone explained in their blog. You decide to try that on your own. Then some other person shares another cool trick on a different blog, which is in a totally different domain. You want to try that too! You go ahead but then you mix up all the things. Don’t do that! Decide what you like the most. Follow that with passion. Be a master in that, and then try something else. It will give you a boost.


Second thing: do not follow others roadmap as it is.

This is really important. You are reading a roadmap here and I am telling you to not to follow these paths. Many people have different opinions on how to get started in InfoSec. They have expressed their views on the net. Read them all. But after all it all comes down to what you really like. So, from all that you have read, create your own roadmap. Follow it religiously.


Third thing: Love what you do, Do what you love!

Last thing: Always maintain your “Can Do” attitude! This industry needs you!